Midwest Karate and Yoga Association offers small intimate classes based on the concept of yoga as a personal journey.  Our studio is community and family based with a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment, knowledgeable instruction and lots of personal attention.  We have beginner and intermediate classes that integrate breath and movement, strength and flexibility increasing inner focus and outward self-confidence.  Hatha Yoga is a way to connect deeply to the mind, body and spirit based on three principles:  Breath–Alignment—Self-Study.

“The softest essence in the world

  Penetrates quickly the hardest.

  Insubstantial it enters

  Where no room is.”


Breath:  Conscious breathing is the first step to connecting deeply to the mind and the physical body.  The use of breath is the key that leads you into the transformational power of yoga postures.

Alignment:  Cultivating the process of entering and exiting poses along with your connection to breath allows you to explore the depth or edge of your pose bringing your practice alive.

“Yesterday is dead.

  Tomorrow isn’t born.

  We can live only in the present.”

               -Yogi Ammrit Desai-

Self-Study:  The true benefit of Hatha Yoga lies not in the ability to attain a certain pose or reach a particular level of flexibility.  It’s true benefit is the ability to stay aware, be completely present in the now and by observing with the action of self-study you allow the experience of your practice to unfold!