Athletes Conditioning

Athletes Conditioning

Fall Program 2011

Our program is designed to build stability and core strength first and foremost, from this foundation we can move quickly and safely into exercises and drills to build power, strength and increase speed.

Our goals:

  1. 1.Assess and address structural imbalances.

  2. 2.Build core strength and trunk stability.

  3. 3.Teach effective warm-ups and cool-downs.

  4. 4.Teach proper body mechanics and techniques for running.

  5. 5.Increase agility-(ability change directions quickly and safely).

  6. 6.Become faster and more explosive with a safe and progressional plyometric training program.

Our program is interval training based and builds weekly  in intensity.  We use a combination of resistance bands, balance & medicine balls, kettlebells and plyometric drills for a conditioning program that is safe, effective and completely functional in it’s movements to challenge your athlete bringing them to their next level of fitness.

Winter Session

Mondays & Wednesdays

4:00-5:00 pm

“ages 12-17 “

Session January 9th to February 8th, 2012

Cost $100.00 per session

Pre-Registration is required

space available for only 30 athletes